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Telephonic directory or phone book is a place where you can take numbers of all type,Business place contect numbers,Agricultural places contect numbers .educational places contects numbers .Medical places contect numbers,Markeeting organization places contect numbers etc.In short telephone directory is a list of teleponne subscribers in a geographical area,or subscribers to services provided by the organization that publishes the drirectory .Its purpose is to allow the tele phone numbers of a subscriber identified by name and address to be found.Telephone directory may also provied instruction about how to use the telephone services in the local area,may give important numbers for emergency services utilities, hospitals,doctors and organization who can provied support in time of prisise.Telephone directory provieds all type of contect numbers,Business and markreting people can take numbers from telephone directory to increase there numbers of client.It helps to increase your business growth.It is very diffitult to go to different cities to collect business and other organization contect numbers,telephone directory has made it very easy.There is no need to go to all places you have to open the telephone directory and can take numbers of all business organization.It will save your time and cost.Now a days online telephone directories are very can enter the name of organization in the website and Telephone directory and press enter key you can get many of numbers in seconds.Telephone directories can be published in hadr copy or in electronic phone. Telephone directory can you provided as an online service over the internet or on CDs and books .Telephone directory can be in different languages .Telephone directory can be local,national and international.Local Telephone directory consist of local area contect numbers and addresses,national Telephone directory cansist of cities contect numbers and addresses of a country.International Telephone directory consist of contects numbers and addresses of different countries.In short telephone directory is very important for all people and organizations.
Looking up a phone number never got easier than it did when people could look them up online. These directories are very simple to use to find both businesses and people.
The use of an online telephone directory is different for business use than it is for personal use. To find a person you need to put as much information as you know about the person into the search blanks on the directory’s home page. For instance, you should include as much of the first name and as much as the last name you remember.
If you do not know the entire first or last name, sometimes you can find an online telephone directory service that will be able still search for it. For one directory service online you only have to type in the first few letters of the first name and only one letter of the last name. This helps generalize your search and gives you an assurance that you really searched all the names.Other information you should type into a person search form is the city, state, and zip code if you remember what they are. If you do not remember, then you should type as much of the person’s information as you can remember.If you cannot remember someone’s address and you are traveling to their house and cannot get a hold of them, you should use the reverse telephone directory service. Many times an online directory will have a tab on the home page that leads to the reverse telephone directory site.If you still do not find the name, address, or phone number of a person that you are looking for, chances are it is not listed. In this case you may want to try a different directory. If this does not help then you may want to try a calling national directory assistance hotline. If you still cannot find it chances are it is not listed.Business telephone directory search is very similar to the search for a person online. The only difference is that you search a business category or name instead of the name of a person. Furthermore, you can search for businesses in yellow pages, and sometimes under a variety of categories.An online telephone directory can really be useful if you know how to search for what you are looking for. The tips given above should help you.